Mark Davis has helped many amateur and professional golfers to improve their technique and skills. Here is some feedback from past students.

“ I have been having lessons with Mark for over 2 years now,  he has dropped my handicap dramatically, from 28 to 8, I have stuck with him through times when my golf wasn’t very good and he has got me back on track  playing golf to my handicap. He has helped me decide on which new clubs to buy and what shafts would suit my swing and get the best out of the club. He uses a camera to video your swing and has often emailed home videos and commentary so I don’t forget what I need to work on, on the course. Mark is a very kind and helpful and will listen to you when you are explaining how you are playing, this makes him a really good teacher and I am willing to stick with him for the future, I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to any of my golfing friends, top guy.

Daniel Smallwood

“ I thought my game wasn't too bad until I started having lessons with Mark Davis, then I realized my swing was all over the place. But after a few lessons with Mark, he has sorted all that out and we are working on other aspects of my game which he is improving no end.

The good thing about Mark is that he doesn't just give you a quick fix and send you on your way, he goes into detail about all aspects of the golf swing, so that you understand what you should do and also realize what you have done when you have hit a bad shot so you can put it right. I had many lessons before Mark and think he is the best Golf Professional I have had lessons with and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play golf or to improve there game, because Iam highly delighted with what he has done for me so far. ”

Darren Baker

“ My  I thought I would take the opportunity to say thanks for my first lesson. I think it's important that I give you some feedback so that you can be confident in what you are teaching and the way you are putting the information across.

In a nutshell "brilliant" is the word I would use. The best part for me was the video of my swing, this enabled me to actually visualise what I was doing wrong and I believe that when you are trying to learn something it's really beneficial to be able to see the mistake from the "side view"

I had hoped to come and practice on Thursday prior to playing on Friday but I couldn't get there. However, during my round on Friday I didn't slice or even fade the ball once, all shots were either straight or had a slight draw. Not all my strikes were true but even the bad ones were still straight, shorter but straight.

In my opinion after just ONE HOUR of tuition that's very, very good and I can't wait to move forward. I appreciate that not everything you teach me will have such a rapid and beneficial result but I am convinced even after just one lesson that I now have the right teacher.”

Ian Robertshaw

“ Mark has built up my swing from scratch to a level whereby I can consistently play to a mid teen handicap in only six months.

From buying a set of clubs in September 2008 when my son Matthew (then aged 6) started on Mark's YMG classes, my aim at the time was to just be able to have a round of golf with him as he grew older.

After a few weeks of being unable to break 100, I realised I needed to take some lessons as the desire to play to the best of my ability grew, and as Mark was already teaching Matthew, and seeing how quickly his game was developing I approached Mark to help build my swing.

The lessons are always in a friendly and relaxed style, which to me are conducive to learning. I was amazed by the speed in which my swing was built up, albeit with lots of practising between lessons, so much that by March 2009, I had to change my draw driver (which I had been custom fitted when I first bought my clubs) to a neutral driver. During on-course lessons he has worked on the technique of my short game using a variety of clubs to play chip shots, and learning how to get out of bunkers so I now have a positive mindset when the ball lands in a bunker rather than as before thinking I would never get the ball out.

Mark now also teaches my wife and very soon will be teaching our youngest son.

Such is the confidence I have of Mark's ability to coach that I would heartily recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their golf game be it from a beginner (as I was) to someone who has been playing for years. ”

Chris Thompson

“ After many years of struggling with the fundamentals of golf, Mark has thoughtfully introduced and taught me the skills and techniques of the game.

He has improved both my grip and swing, which in turn, have reduced my handicap by three strokes. Before receiving coaching and advice from Mark, my backswing was a hybrid 'golf/cricket' swing which has now been developed into an improved and more fluent golf swing.

My eleven year old daughter, Hannah has also benefited from Mark's coaching skills through the Young Masters Golf scheme at the Oulton Hall Golf Academy.

Mark's positive and friendly approach has encouraged Hannah to learn the skills of golf and, to progress from novice to the Masters Level Two stage, through the numerous steps of achievement.

The environment Mark has created with the Juniors has seen Hannah remain focused with the game of golf at an age when so many other sports and interests compete for youngsters' attention. ”

Gary Smith

“ My son has just completed his first coaching sessions in ymg. He has made fantastic progress from his coaching with mark davis golf pro at oulton hall golf course. Through the coaching he has recieved he has learnt alot about golf and found a sport which he enjoys, and it has built up his confidence. The lessons have been knowledgeable but very enjoyable for all ages in the group, My son is looking forward to his next set of lessons with mark. ”

David @ Jake Rose

“ My son has been receiving golf lessons from Mark for a number of months. He really makes this a positive learning experience, I always find him approachable, he has great warmth about him.

I asked Louis how he would describe Mark, and he replied helpful, kind and good fun. ”

Jill Hurley

“ When our son expressed an interested in Golf over a year ago we decided to book group lessons taught by Mark Davis. Oliver was 5 years old at the time and although we were initially dubious as to how much he would absorb at such a young age, our worries were unfounded. Mark has shown a natural talent when guiding and teaching young children in a fun and informative way, this has constantly improved both Oliver's technique and knowledge of golf. He very much enjoys the lessons and is always eager and keen to go to his next lesson.

Mark knows exactly how to teach both the basic and the more advanced elements of the game. We are constantly surprised as to how much Oliver is actually learning about the game.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark for both beginners and more experienced golfers wishing to sharpen their golfing techniques. ”

Mark Rowbottom

“ Jordan only showed an interest in golf in November last year and since he has been taking group golf lessons which started in November he is now able to play golf properly with his friends, and has come along way in 11months –he now has a handicap and has the confidence to be able to play the game. He still has a long way to go but the lessons have really given him an interest to play the game at every opportunity

He really enjoys the lessons, they are well structured, organised & fun but also disciplined when required and he learns a lot in each lesson on every aspect of the golf game with lessons varying from being on the range & golf course itself. The groups are small enough to get one on one time with the Golf Professional and there is a good mix between learning about the golf etiquette, rules & types of clubs to use as well as the practical side of swing, technique etc. ”

Neil Dooley

“ Mark has been teaching my son Alex to play golf over the last 12 months. Alex thoroughly enjoys his time spent with Mark on the young masters golf course. He covers all aspects of the game and shows incredible levels of patience whilst teaching the youngsters. He keeps the kids interested and makes it fun. I would certainly recommend his lesson's to any aspiring young golfer. ”

Paul Fish

“ Sam has been given golf lessons by Mark for over 2 years and has thoroughly enjoyed learning and improving his golf game. Having played golf myself for many years to a representative standard I have been impressed by Mark's knowledge of swing mechanics. Mark not only uses this knowledge to help improve the youngster's swings but also to give them a solid grounding in the theory of swing dynamics. Mark always tries to make his lessons fun and is tireless in his encouragement of the youngsters. In our case Sam can be his own worst critic but Mark is always quick to encourage and to emphasis how well he is doing, this ensures Sam comes away from each lesson happy and looking forward to the next one. As a parent it is important that I always know Sam is happy and safe at his golf lessons and as a golfer it is encouraging to see how much Sam has improved under Marks instruction. ”

Ralph Hyde

“ Mark makes our lessons fun, he always gives us a chance to get things right if we make a mistake in our test. ”

Sam Hyde

“ Mark has been my golf coach for justover a year. He coaches me for the YMG lessons, school holiday camps and individual lessons. Mark has really improved my golf with his skillful and friendly ways of teaching. He is a really cool and nice guy and i would recommend him to anyone for golf lessons. ”

Harrison Reynard aged 12

“ Mark has literally taken my sons golfing skills from a complete beginner to a true golfer. An independant golf coach highly commended my sons golfing ability and style which is all down to Marks coaching. My son goes to Marks lessons with excitement and thouroughly enjoys each and every lesson. Mark understands childrens minds and antics which enables him to coach with authority but in a friendly manner. He controls the lessons and keeps the kids interest throughout each lesson. He always has a smile on his face rewards the kids when they deserve it. I highly recommend Mark as a golf coach. ”

Chris Reynard (father of Harrison Reynard)

“ I have been taking golf lessons from Mark for a year now. I was a complete beginner but now I am happy to take on any golf course. Mark is very patient with me and I have a great time at my lessons. I have told all my friends they should go to lessons with Mark. ”

Rowan Aged 10

“ I began having golf lessons with Mark about 8 months ago. I was a complete novice, having never played golf – or hit a ball with a club – before and became interested in golf as my eldest son and husband had recently taken up the sport. Initially Mark focused on the basics, how to hold the club, address the ball and building up my swing. As my lessons progressed Mark has further developed these areas, focusing on balance, adapting my grip and working on my swing. Mark has additionally taught me aspects of golf including understanding the rules, how to read greens, club selection, the best approach to take and has taught me the importance of positive thinking/mental attitude.

I have had lessons both on the range and on the course and these have given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to complete a round. I have been able to specify areas I want to develop in lessons on the course, to include chip shots, pitch shots, bunker play etc and in the range I have been able to focus more intensely on using the array of clubs, improving my swing and correcting any faults.

I have found Mark both friendly and approachable, with a sense of humour when appropriate. Following a nightmare round when I felt as though I could never hit a ball in front of anyone ever again, Mark managed to rebuild my confidence and progress further. I would highly recommend Mark as a coach for players of any ability and I look forward to improving my game with Mark in the future. ”

Sherran Thompson

“ Mark has been my coach for the last eighteen months. Over this time he has given me great support in all area's of my golf. I couldn't of wished for a better coach. I look forward to my lesson's every week knowing Mark will be there to guide me every step of the way. All I can say is a great big thank you for all you have done to help me. I'll always remember where and when my first lesson was. ”

William McElvogue

“ My son has been attending the young master's golf academy at Oulton Hall where Mark teaches. Mark has brought out confidence in my son's golf by his teaching methods by being able to break down the lesson's for all age groups and abilities, and his enthusiasm for wanting to make better golfers out of the children is excellent. My son enjoys going to each lesson and now loves the game of golf. ”

Simon McElvogue

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  • PGA qualified golf professional
  • Degree in PGA training
  • Friendly and professional golf tuition
  • Amateur Champion at age 16
  • Prestigious setting of Howley Hall

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